feeling of inadequacy invades the minds of all at times

but it is just lies of the mind that sometime confines

we must stay in line with the truth we know and the truth we seek

if we are true to our self our truth others will speak

we our stronger than we know

do not let the doubt in your mind not allow you to grow

create your fate

be great.


What I learned Today Sept 1, 2014

Patience is key when raising a child. A child will take you through all the emotions within a half-hour time period lol…I have a toddler and she is all over the place. She isn’t trying my patience, rather she is helping me improve on it. It is not easy but definitely worth it. At the end of the day the job of her mother and I is to train her up to be better than us. With that being said we have a lot of work to do, but with prayer and patience it will get done.

Team USA trails at the half, then pulls away for 98-77 win over Turkey at FIBA World Cup

Team USA trails at the half, then pulls away for 98-77 win over Turkey at FIBA World Cup

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:

Team USA has by far the most individual talent in FIBA World Cup play, but a collection of All-Stars can struggle at times against teams that have had the luxury of playing together for years.

That’s what we saw for much of the first half of USA’s 98-77 win over Turkey on the second day of World Cup action.

The team from Turkey imposed its will over the game’s first 20 minutes, and took a five-point lead into the half by using zone defenses and hitting three-pointers at a high percentage, while USA struggled with turnovers and couldn’t seem to knock down open shots.

Both Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving struggled in a playmaking capacity in the first half, and neither seemed to be able to consistently beat the zone by making the right choices. On the other end of the floor, Turkey slowed the pace to a crawl, and…

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