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Diddy, Jay Z, Drake & Dr. Dre Included On The Forbes 100 Highest Paid Celebrities List 2015

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(AllHipHop News) The 2015 Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list is not out yet, but the publication may have given an indication of which rappers will be high on that list. That’s because Forbes has released its “Celebrity 100: The World’s Top-Paid Entertainers” list, and a few Hip Hop representatives are among the elite mentioned.

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Diddy (#21, $60 M), Jay Z (#28, $56 M), Drake (#54, $39.5 M), Dr. Dre (#73, $33 M), Pharrell Williams (#78, $32 M), and Eminem (#82, $31 M) made the list of extremely wealthy famous people. Other notable entertainers included Beyoncé at #29 with $54.5 million, Bruno Mars at #52 with $40 million, Kevin Hart at #95 with $28.5 million, and Jennifer Lopez at #95 with $28.5 million.

Floyd Mayweather topped the list. The…

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I introduce to you SINFAMOUS. Emcee and Producer, who hails from Trenton, NJ. This talented brother is what the game has been missing. Authenticity at it’s best. We all want more originality in our music these days. Well here is what you all been wishing for. The wait is over.

1. Sinfamous. How did you come up with the name?

Actually one of my big bro gave me the name sincere when I was young because of my character and personality. A few years went by and I got incarcerated and one of my homies from up north called me sinfamous one time and I liked it. I’ve always been a thinker and I came up with a meaning for the name and ran with it. (S/o to my nigga S.DOT) Example: SIN means fault or short coming acorrding to religious beliefs and SINFAMOUS means evil acts. However when you put the two words together and meanings the people that really know me will tell you that’s not him but the people that don’t will say that name is fitting.

2. You have a new project out. Describe the sound. What is your favorite track?
I have a something brewing on the way that is titled tales from the struggle that I’ve been working on for quite some time now. I’m very critical about music especially my music so that’s why I haven’t released it just yet. The sound is kinda all over the place. I got soul track which are my favorite, a lil trap wich is my least favorite but most of all  it the sound track of the struggle.

3. You do beats and emcee. Which hat do you prefer to wear and why?
Yes I do Mceee and produce. I always felt music in my bones and rap is my first love but I prefer making beats because it’s like my natural high


Gasping for clean air in a polluted society, single minded when what’s needed is variety, peace of mind interupted by anxiety, looking in the mirror asking the man why did he lie to me, when I need to be alone you are constantly surrounding me, just leave me please….let me choke on life, allow me to daydream about nightmares of broken promises and shattered lights, looking for shelter amongst battered wives as my dna splatters from blood soaked knives, I see the tearless eyes of peers who care less who dies, I only weep when I hear their cries, because all I hear are lies….

Dear Mixed People. You are NOT half-Black. Sorry.

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I’m so tired of these mixed, biracial & lie-racial women having the audacity to be labeled as “half Black” Ha! Y’all wish.

And when I took a mixed girl out on a first date, I told her just that. I met her at my niece’s dance recital. Coming off a break-up, not looking for a rebound. She was 6’1 in flats, tall-ass looking like a pretty giraffe grazing the savanna. I didn’t know whether to box her tall ass out for the rebound or ask her number. I did the latter. Her ass was fatter. Not that it matters. The most attractive thing about a woman is not a fat ass, pretty…

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