Fantasy Football

Well it’s official I am back playing fantasy football. I quit playing years ago because I believed it started to take away from the game of football. People started to become more obsessed with stats than the actual game. Now my reason for playing fantasy football this go around, is to keep my mind off all the other stuff that is going on in the league that has nothing to do with football. I watch football to be entertained not to listen to announcers talk about players personal lives. Let me have my fantasy.


it was always beauty at first sight, then I heard her speak and she spoke life, after that the love followed and it felt right, it’s the truth, I am still absolute, but I must show proof, in these hard times I gave her grief not because she failed but because I was weak, but she doesn’t know how her strength gives me strength, before a lover she will always be my friend until the end, and until the end I will fight for her love, fight for her trust, right what was wrong and smooth what is rough, this is my love letter to my fair lady, this is true, this is my letter to YOU