Black History isn’t just about the struggle. It’s also about learning from our history in order to build a better future. In this clip This brother speaks about how blacks need to take our economic present and future in our own hands.

Malcolm X 50 Years Later: It’s Hard Not to Wonder

Originally posted on News One:

Malcolm X, Jan. 1, 1960 Malcolm X, Jan. 1, 1960

When you take a trip to the far north part of Manhattan and visit what had once been the Audobon Ballroom — now redesigned and renamed the Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz Memorial Educational Center — you see a modern showplace, filled with interactive displays, shiny floors, and a different atmosphere than what existed five decades ago.

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Walk up the stairs, past the life-size statue of El-Hajj Malik el Shabazz, and you enter the main hall. You hear your feet echo as you look right and left, toward where you think the stage was. Toward where the crowd was that day. Toward where some armed men started a commotion and rushed the stage, opening fire and bringing the former Malcolm Little to his end.

That’s the moment that gives you pause and…

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