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Watch “Thomas Sowell: Misinformed electorate shouldn’t vote” on YouTube

I wholeheartedly agree with this man on this topic. Great thinker.



Once you understand we already live in the sky, then that’s when I’ll realize you opened your eyes..The universe is ours…you shooting for the moon when we’re already amongst the stars.


Our Ego

We share everything but understand very little….our emotions are everywhere yet we they never meet in the middle….why are we so divided? Rivers of tears…so much to say yet we remain silent….we love so hard that it turns into hate…trying to be first but we both end up being late…I thought eternal love was our fate…Lost but not looking for a way.

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Watch “Real Outrage Over Fake News” on YouTube


How many times have you seen people get excited or angry over a story, meme, or misinformtion they received from off of social media? Just to turn around and find out everything they were mad about was false. This happens all the time. Most people are too lazy to simple research. We react off emotion way too much. Let us know what you think. Have a listen to our podcast.