Communication in Relationships

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A Thomas Point of View

What I learned through my dating and relationship trials and tribulations is that communication is PARAMOUNT. To me the top 3 important components of great communication are, know they self, listening with the intent of gaining understanding, and patience. Yes, there are more components but these are my top 3.

How can you clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings to another individual without clearly understanding them yourself? Too many times we jump into situations unprepared because we failed to prepare. We don’t even know what we want from ourselves, yet we have the nerve to tell someone else what we want from them. It’s okay to take time to yourself and learn and love yourself. You can’t give love of you don’t have a surplus of love for yourself.

Are you listening or are you just waiting to talk? Sometimes we get caught up in the back and forth we…

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Being With You

I can’t sum up the love in one day….too many aspects of our love to describe it one way…a love greater than anything I can write or say…you can wish and pray and never have a love this great…it may sound clichè but this has to be fate…your face brightens up my day when I wake…as real as can be, nothing is fake…everyday with you is a present and I thank you for the gift.

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Watch “Dr Wesley on the Slut Walk, City Girls/Cardi B Twerk Video and the weaponization of Hip Hop” on YouTube

Brother Wesley was bringing truth to power in this conversation. I agree with him 100%. I also like how the interviewer challenged his position. Challenging his position allowed him to articulate his stance even clearer. She could have easily made it one sided discussion, but she made points that those who participate in the slut walk would make. In doing so it gave the brother an opportunity to also challenge those who support the slut walk and/or city girls and cardi b video.


Do For Self

Create moments that make time stand still….bend my circumstances to my own will…notice where they stand at when times get real…make moves off of intelligence not by how you feel…learn how to hunt and cook your own meal….don’t let anybody drive your car, control your own wheel…speak for yourself and close your own deal.