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Main Entry: ig·no·rant 

Pronunciation: primarystressig-nschwa-rschwant
Function: adjective
1 a : having no knowledge or education b : having no knowledge or understanding of a certain thing <ignorant of mathematics>
2 : not informed UNAWARE <ignorant of the facts>
3 : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge <anignorant mistake> 
– ig·no·rant·ly adverb
synonyms IGNORANTUNEDUCATEDUNLETTERED,ILLITERATE mean not having the kind of knowledge gained from education. IGNORANT suggests a lack of knowledge either in general or in some particular field <ignorant about physics>. UNEDUCATED suggests a general lack of formal education <there are few jobs for uneducated people>. UNLETTERED suggests a lack of the kind of knowledge gained from reading <unlettered people would not appreciate the play>.ILLITERATE suggests either a total or major inability to read and write <countries having large numbers ofilliterate people>. 

tongue twisted


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So many superlatives can be conjured up by so many wordsmiths with so many words with words we wonder which words would wonderfully word this, with so many words I automatically tongue twist, we won’t talk about her anatomy and how happily my tongue get, but rather how your the only match for me from living lavishly to the nooses we hung with, from prayers prayed and spirituals sung with……this is who I am in love with…you have been beaten, demeaned and demonized yet beauty you’re still stuck with…this is who I am in love with..so if anyone reads let it be known to any black women that are lovesick that love lives for you in the words of this wordsmith, that every word from my tongue was twisted with love, my sisters are the tongue twisters, She got me twisting in the air wishing I’m always near…..

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