Chap 1 v 4

Against god there are no rivals, worship no idols, but yet they disrespect with jesus around they neck, i wonder if jesus looked in the mirror would that same image you worship reflect that, did our african ancestors rep that, how can anyone neglect that, how can any black man forget that, but to get him to listen i gotta talk about everything except that, call it spoken word, poetry, shallow or depth rap, i just call it a lyrical death trap, for that money i spit that get out of debt rap, mic 1, 2 where my check at, cash it and bet that, i belong where the best at, read along and accept facts, dechiper my scriptures, im just writing my mental pictures, giving a perfect description a revision, everything done with precision, living with every decision, no excuses, to whoever dont agree dueces,  if my thoughts are ludicrous then go ahead run away love, the sun still shines behind the cloud when a tear drops from a dove,


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