Good Riddance

this and that, somewhere in between the truth is trapped, reality lost in the illusive illusions, mad that order is intruding on my confusion, found wealth in destitution, impoverished mindstate, wipe and polish my minds slate, confined by time and date, wine and wait, nah grind and put at stake, think different just to think different, it makes the same difference, yall Obama yall change im still the same Clinton, stuck between the bushes, i guess i gotta placate all these placentas before i enter, i guess it all makes sense see, my mini me leave mini me’s all over these lewinskis, simply poetry in motion, poetry’s emotion, poetic convulsions, sometimes im flagrant I write some bullshit just so you can remember the fragrance, nah , nah pardon me, im so humble with this jargon see im giving u a part of me for more then a bargain, its free, real thoughts, so real written, give it to the world so a good written is good riddance

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