Gotta let her go, let her know, in a letter or note, bcuz she can quote some the illest phrases i ever wrote, she listened to the realest words my heart ever spoke, gotta detox bcuz she became my drug, my dope, infected the veins that pull the strings of my heartbeat, gasping for breath as cupids arrow makes my heart bleed, romeo never known love like this, how can that turn into this,a star-crossed lover’s implosion leaves a black hole and dreams tossed into the abyss, she spoke but i didnt listen,she showed me the route and yet i still came up missing, ghost protocol its an impossible mission, an improbable proposition, insurmountable odds and hostile opposition, daily competition, so I supply this scripture, “he made man in his image”, so even with a thousand words you couldnt describe this picture…the fluid flow of the ocean halted by mountains of emotion but waves of love starts the process of that mountains erosion


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