To many people react off emotion and not facts. It happens to us all. We conjur up false scenarios based on our own insecurities or self-doubt. At times we lash out at others because we fail to acknowledge our own weaknesses. We walk around with this “me against the world” attitude, and that stems from cowardice in my opinion. We tend not to deal with our own flaws so we blame everyone and everything that surrounds us. On the other hand, we have those who are too critical of themselves, and that creates self-doubt or impotency. In my opinion we should just deal with the facts first. This process begins by loving and being honest with yourself. Once you begin the process of being honest to yourself, you will seek honesty in others and in all situations. We need to let go of all the “EMOTIONAL BULLSHIT”. I get the phrase “emotional bullshit”, from Dr. Carl Alasko. He wrote a book titled “EMOTIONAL BULLSHIT”. I posted it in one of my “great reads” category. Go check it out. –



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