What does Trenton, NJ need?

“What does Trenton, NJ need?” Better leadership? More police? More jobs? Activities for children so they can stay off the streets? How about residents of this city taking responsibility for its deplorable conditions?  We all may have our own opinionated solutions, but it will take a collaborative effort from all citizens and government officials. Everyone wants a quick fix, but very few want to put in that work. It is time that we pick up were the civil rights movement left off… We are at a crossroads in this city.  I know I must  first take personal responsibility, and that begins with just making sure I am being a good neighbor.  Cleaning up trash that is just thrown into the street is a start as well. It doesn’t take magic, all it takes is a change in mindstate.  If we allow this city to spin out of control then everyone is to blame. City government can’t take the blame for keeping your neighborhood dirty. It is your neighborhood so you do something about it.  Feel free to comment and let me know what we need as a city.

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