Today I introduce you to Mr. DIVINE ALLAH NATIONAL YOUTH MINISTER AND A GREAT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY. Personally, I highly respect what he represents and the positivity that he brings to the TRENTON, NJ community!




There are many misconceptions about the “New Black Panther Party”, some say it’s a racist group and some say the Party preaches violence. Can you give the readers some clarification on the principles behind the movement?

 A Lot Of People Are Not Educated To The Point Where They Can Offer Informed Or Well Rounded Choices Of Words About The New Black Panther Party. They Have Been Fed The Media (White-Owned/Manipulated) Or Hollywood View Of What We Represent. Our Principles Have Always Been And Will Always Be Centrally Focused On Unity In The Black Community, Self-Determination And Collective Work & Responsibility As A Starting Point – – Along With Empowering Our People Spiritually, Culturally, And Politically . . .
 If someone wanted to join THE NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY, how would they go about it and what are the requirements?
There Is A National Website Which Includes All Contacts For Local Chapters Across The Nation. Or You Can Reach Out To – And Definitely Find Us Directly Here In The ‘Hood’  . . . Some Of The Main Requirements Are: You Have To Be Black And Want To Empower And Uplift Yourself, The Community – And Strive To Commit Yourself To Creating Programs That Cater To The Needs Of The People . . .  
Who has been your greatest influence and how?
There’s Way Too Many To Name, But I Would Say First And Foremost That My Parents Were The Initial Influence Because They Birthed Me Into Existence.  Secondly, Because Of My Direct Contact And Interaction With Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad – I Was Able To Draw From His Well Of Cultural, Pan-Afrikanist, And Revolutionary Experience. For Me (My Generation) He Was Like Malcolm, Martin, Huey, Garvey, Elijah, Etc. All In One . . .    
  What is your opinion of the leadership in Trenton? How can we as citizens help improve the quality of leadership?
Honestly I Don’t Have An Opinion. I Used To, But Now I Focus On Developing Myself As A Leader That Some People May See Me As – Also I’m Focused On Motivating And Preparing A Future Generation Of Leadership, The Youth . . .
What can city residents look forward to from the New Black Panther Party?   
They Can Look Forward To More Of Our On The Ground ‘In Your Face’ Activities That Are Designed To Get People Involved (Not Necessarily Recruit People) In The Struggle To Rid Our Communities Of Negativity – And To Address The Issues That Continue To Plague Us As A People.  They Can Also Look Forward To More Promotion Of Black Culture/Cultural Activities/Programs That Really Show Us In A Positive Light Without Having To Ask Others Or Include Others Who Don’t Have Our Best Interest(s) In Mind.
What, if any, type of legacy do you want to leave behind?  
Just One That Has Been Clearly Looked At — And Not Judged By People Who Didn’t Take The Time Out To Meet Me, Or To Speak With Me.  I’m Proud Of What I Have Done And Offered As A Young, Conscious, Revolutionary-Minded Person  – – And I’m Sure That Those Who Understand What Life Is About For Our People Here In America, Will See That What I’ve Been Doing Was Real And Much Needed.  Most Importantly I Want To make Sure That Future Generations Will Have Some Revolutionary Reference Point To Connect With When They Are Confronted With Some Of The Same Issues That I Don’t Believe Are Going To Disappear Anytime Soon . . .    
Thank You – — PEACE And BLACK POWER!



  1. Peace and many blessings baraka. I see that brother is a magnificent work of art. I am sorry I am compulsed.Grest looks, great foundation , great upliftment, and positivity. All this to give a great poet such as I , an upliftment in her moon quaters, they might witness an earthquake or something, if energy and entermingling pursues, this black womban right here can’t get enough of you.A black Queen with a dream, only to be catapulted away and told to go because of so and so?! They said what she would be a clinging vines, entertwinning and left in the mere midst, and hit like a cobra with a hiss or a diss. The will say go ahead if you want a king, or they may say you can do poetry , and rap, but can you sing? I heard she can dance, and do ” her thang”, make sure if you do , she doesn’t go elsewhere, because after the Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, you don’t know she might be upset at something you let her go,vshe may turn into a ho, or you can sankofa and both of you go?
    Peace if she is sound make sure she doesn’t use you like rebound?
    She likes to play basketball , and she does things, she is great with her hands, but if she gets trapped with the strap, then what? She is never going to use you and if something goes down she will tell you, just don’t ignore her, send somebody or something to her, please let me know if you need me in any shape, size, or figure.
    They asked did she mentally and verbally f… you?
    All that panther talk f. that let the broad, hussy, heifer go and have you.
    The dreams and fantasies can come true, you be you and be true to thee then I to you, and then you will see something you never seen before, but to let love go h…no!!!
    Love, peace, and happiness.


  2. Peace and many blessings baraka, in the whirlwind again , waiting to be mystified,
    And caught up in the wind.
    True people in the midst of the sacred beings that love to make an oasis, wherever the people are in a desert land with their 7 and a half ounce of brain and the devil 6 ounces, we all have to be more careful and concious and better people in life!!!

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