The Hot Seat!!!


Tony Mack, Trenton, NJ’s soon to be former Mayor has been convicted of corruption charges. I am not here to debate his guilt or innocence. Prison is something I wish on no man, but this situation is what highlights the trouble and flaws in politics. Most run for office strictly motivated by career ambitions, very few are really dedicated to the people. The lesson politicians should learn from this, is to focus on the public who elected you to serve. Mack drew a lot negative attention toward himself by some of the decisions he made that weren’t really for the people but rather his own satisfaction. For example, he tried to take the jobs of some people who worked within the city and city government who were associated with the previous administration.


The one thing I do thank Mayor Mack for, is putting the spotlight on the seat for the next Mayor. It can not get worse than this. The public can not allow it to. So to whoever the future mayor is, we are watching. The city needs leadership not someone trying to make a career move.


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