With all the bad press surrounding Trenton, New Jersey’s Mayoral seat over the past few years, tonight a new Mayor will be crowned. This will not be a easy job for whoever wins. There is so much skepticism from city residents about whether or not a new Mayor will make a difference. The trust of the masses is at  an all-time low for politicians in the City of Trenton. The corruption and bad decisions have depleted the city. Crime is at all-time high, there are no jobs, and most importantly the educational system in the Capital City of New Jersey is among, if not the worse, in the state. There is a lot of work to be done and it will not change over night. Trenton’s new Mayor must breathe life in a city on life support. All eyes are on you soon to be Mayor. If you do not make some positive changes quickly you will only be a one term Mayor. That sentiment also holds true for City Council as well. The pressure is on and as a citizen of this city I will do my all to make sure that the pressure is always on. We do not want opportunist sitting at the head of this city. We will boot you out as fast possible. This is a new day and we are watching CLOSELY!!! NONE ARE EXEMPT. YOU DON’T DO YOUR JOB YOU WILL BE OUT!!!!!!!

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