Yes, here we are again promoting the great talent the city of Trenton, NJ has. I introduce to you, Byron “Black Collar Biz” Marshall. A artist in its truest form and a active participant in bringing positivity to the community I am honored to have him featured on


 1. How long have you been involved in music and what or who was your motivation to start?
I have been making music since I was a teenager, but chasing the dream seriously since 2004. My life, family and friends are my motivation, and of course dope producers lol
 2. What is your relationship with Sage Coalition?
Im the MC/Media Coordinator/ShowHost/and sometimes the guy behind the camera. We all joined forces at the Trenton Atelier in early 2012, and saw that if we banded together we could do some great things.

3.  You are more than a musician you also do work in the community. Can you share some of your activities.
As far as the community goes, we have organized food and clothes drives, community cookouts,openmics, stuff to basically to encourage our people to use their talents, and positively commune with each other, among many other things. Also I work with alot of up and coming youth in the city and provide studio services with them, and also give them a platform to show off their skills.
4. You have a new project coming out real soon “HIGH GRADE ARTISTRY”,  can you describe the album and how is different from your other projects?
This project is something I have been working on since we left the Trenton Atelier awhile back, but its loosely inspired from my bro Wheels, he was playing some crazy instrumentals that I had never heard before. Most of them sounded like something that people would rap i just went in.
5. Are there any performances you have coming up that the public can come out and support you? Where can people reach you if they want you to do a show?
Art All Night June 21st and African American Pride Festival this summer. They can reach me at
6. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for the world to remember you by?
I just want people to appreciate my creativity, and my drive…thats all. And Hopefully it will help someone else in the future.



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