Fuck it foul language I love it I really don’t care who’s disgusted, the bullshit I try to rise above it but I’m trapped in it, when I think I walk out of it I walk right back in it, I feel like the beginning of my greatness has already ended, my gift from god rescinded, I didn’t do what was intended, too long I pretended, I was always a long shot but short winded, so since I’m gasping for air in the middle of this wartime everything is fair, a dirty soul that’s bare, nothing new under the sun but I’m rare, emotions with no care, how much I gotta share, am I the tortoise or the hare, I can’t even lie I miss the inhale, it made me feel like I was living in heaven when I was in hell, even when I didn’t give a fuck I meant well, I can tell tales of misogyny, self-righteous autonomy to sodomy I don’t know Gomorrah but I know my brain contains HORROR that’s just a straw away from unleashing a furor of sins and immoralities that plague my realities, unimaginable savagery, movements that’s  dastardly, you all couldn’t stomach the answers to the right questions if you knew what to ask from me, so what do you really want from me, you have no idea what was done to me, if you did you would run from me, the real shit my eyes have seen I mask as nightmares and dreams, if I bring my truths to light most couldn’t bear the gleam….


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