if I detest you, I detest me more, paying for sloppy head from a messy whore, staring at the sky wondering why has God blessed me for, same time hoping this whore bless me more, OR am I praying for respect from you so I can respect me more, I’m not playing with sloppy seconds because the sex means more, I mean your estrous got me extra, don’t let what we have fester, we deserve to have better, you preserved I wanna perverse your lovely treasure, let my tongue curse you with pleasure, it’s just an urging but it’s urgent, not our first time but we keep creating newer versions, this scene is a virgin, like a virgin in a porn movie, excuse you and excuse me, ecstasy used you and used me, a nude you and a nude me in this new garden of eden, filled with a lustful needing, don’t misinterpret the serpent he never said the fruit from my tree is forbidden, have a taste…

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