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In a continued effort to promote the positivity that still exists and thrives within the city limits of Trenton, NJ, I bring to you Mr. Anwar Salandy. A journalist, blogger, and also a city activist, he graciously took some time to answer a few questions.

1. What or who inspired you to be a journalist/blogger?

It’s funny you asked, public intellectual Cornel West has inspired my life a lot. His outspoken passion for social justice really inspired me while I was in college. So, I wanted to fuse my own passion for social justice with telling people stories through interviews.

2. You are the one usually doing interviews. Which interview is your favorite?

Hands down, Cornel West was my favorite interview. I was definitely nervous but I took my time and prepared well before the interview so I was ready.

3. What role do you believe the residents of the…

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