Tune In Jan 7, 2016 #GFTRadio

We here at akingstruth.com and gftradioshow.com hope everybody had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s weekend. Tune in to our radio show Thursday at blogtalkradio.com/gftradioshow. We will be discussing New Year resolutions. Did you keep your resolutions or have you broken them already. Do you believe in New Year resolutions? These are just a fewContinue reading “Tune In Jan 7, 2016 #GFTRadio”

Daily Blog Challenge (likes/dislikes)

Likes 1. Positivity 2. Great conversation 3. Sports 4. Reading 5. Math 6. Progress 7. Writing 8. Tastycakes 9. Polly-O string cheese 10. WOMEN Dislikes 1. Bad breath 2. Disloyalty 3. Phony People 4. Ugly Feet 5. Fake Eyelashes 6. People who are never on time 7. Racists 8. Liars 9. Greed 10. ILLNESS WellContinue reading “Daily Blog Challenge (likes/dislikes)”