Appreciate 1a :  to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of<appreciate the difference between right and wrong>b :  to value or admire highly<appreciates our work>c :  to judge with heightened perception or understanding :  be fully aware of <must see it toappreciate it>d :  to recognize with gratitude<certainly appreciates your kindness> 2:  to increase the value of Above is Webster’s definition of Appreciate. The part ofContinue reading “Appreciate”

Trials and Tribulation

The late night mind racing, early morning grind chasing, still feel like time is wasting, body aching, anger raging, impatient, never complacent, risen from the basement, still finds time for procrastination, infatuated with the journey to his destination, obstacles are cause for hesitation, needs the real not impressed or amused with the faking, amazed andContinue reading “Trials and Tribulation”