We Can’t Go Back

Going backwards can not be an option, situations were toxic felt like I was boxed in, now that I’m free I’m locked in so that I can get a lot out, and keep the bullshit locked out, only thing I will let beat is my heart…only thing I shall seek is my art, I have to keep evolving with it, let my words wrap around the earth and keep revolving with it… because our timing is all that matter, what we have now we must appreciate because we do not know what comes after… wise is a fool in his own eyes, he will be washed away from a sea of his own cries…. vexed is the man who gains knowledge, respect to the man who pays homage, a bullet through my brain displays its carnage…focusing in, no  emotion within, it’s all business, you will all witness until we’re all finished….that life is full of blessings but living is a sickness and we can’t go back


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