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A Penny for your Thoughts(Black Collar)

Once again it’s on!!! One of the best MCs out hailing from the Capital City, Trenton, NJ, we bring to you again BLACK COLLAR BIZ!! With his flawless flow and lyrics rich with content and depth, he stands out on his own with his “HIGH GRADE ARTISTRY”.

His new project, “A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS”, promises to put a lot of change in your mental bank. We had a few question “COLLAR”.

1. Our last Q & A was right before your “High Grade Artistry” project dropped. Did you accomplish what you set out to do with the project?

Yeah I did, I reached the people (They Understood It).  Thats one of my biggest goals. 

2. Blessings on Blessings is a great song!! Explain the thought process behind it.

Thank you bro. Man, it was natural I guess…French Summers had sent me a beat, and while I was at work one just hit me…Talk about how blessed we are. And thats it really.

3. A Penny for your thoughts vs High Grade Artistry. What can fans expect differently or do you like to compare music you are currently working on to previous music?

I don’t really like to compare projects because what people don’t understand yet about me is that, Im a Multi-Genre type of MC I dibble and dabble in different types of I just want my supporters to understand that there is a message in there for any and everyone. One big difference is that HGA was a mixtape, and This project is an EP, all original music and a lot less features.

4. Do you ever feel pressure as an artist to make a certain type of song for radio?

No ..I like radio songs like the rest of the world, I just do what I feel, If it feels good, and may even sound like a radio song..thats cool..I love making music. Some of your favorite artists best songs never make the radio, but then again, it probably has a message in it lol.

5. Are there any artists out there you would really like to work with?

There are many, maybe someone like Janelle Monae, Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, Pharaoh Monch, Nas..but until then, just keep checking out my peers that feature on my projects because all of them are dope.

6. Let the fans know of any upcoming shows and how you can be reached for other business opportunities.

Im performing at my guy KenWill’s Custody Ep release party Jan 30th in Willingboro and  I open up for PNB Rock out of Philly at Voltage Lounge on March 12th. Also in Feb we have a few Ill keep that low. But if you would like to follow the movement hit me on everything as @blackcollarbiz and check my and for business inquiries contact 




First off I would like to thank Black Collar for this interview. Below are some of his latest videos. Great work. #salute #thetown




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