Ladies We Do Not Care About Your Materials

The thing that irks me a lot about some women these days, is the fact that you think having your own car, house, and money makes you so special. First of all, a real man doesn’t want any of that from you. We could careless about what you own(unless your Oprah lol). It is a complete turn off to me when that’s all you bring to the table. I don’t want your money, car, or house. You look real basic when you say these things ladies. If you dealt with men who tried to use you for these things then you need to change you. You are the problem. God gave Adam the world and it still was not enough. He realized it wasn’t good for man to be alone so he created Eve. Adam needed a companion to help him get through life. Point being is, you can’t offer me nothing material because the world is at my fingertips. Stop being basic ladies!! Have some substance, some depth.

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