Brains vs Butts

Why are women who show off their body more appreciated than women who show off their intelligence? Every where you turn you see women taking have naked pictures. I wonder do they realize men will only respect them for their bodies. It’s so bad that women are having surgeries just to gain attention. Not attractive at all.

8 thoughts on “Brains vs Butts

  1. Tikeetha T says:

    Because everyone wants to be famous. Not just women. Men too. We live in an instant gratification age where no one wants to work for anything. You want to do illegal stuff to get money and post your photos on Instagram to gain fandom. Women are victims too. Showing off their assets to gain likes which translate into nothing in the real world. We’re all lost to trying to be Kardashian famous.

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    1. akingstruth says:

      I want nothing to do with the kardashian’s lol I never watch their show. I guess my point is this trend isn’t anything new. I see this in reality as well with women walking outside or at a club etc…males are to blame. Men get weak over some flesh smh smh

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