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Slave Auction. Are we being too sensitive?

I co-host a radio show called GFT Radio, and we recently had a discussion about racial insecurities and insensitivities. We discussed how when race is involved some of us are too insecure and other times people are too insensitive to other races history. After you watch this video let me know which side of the fence would you stand on with this particular issue.



2 thoughts on “Slave Auction. Are we being too sensitive?

  1. It is the reality of history but should be portrayed in a respectful and sensitive way. I guess proper preparation should be given. With that said in the process of learning we have to take the good with the not so good in order to learn the truth. Every culture has dealt with sensitive issues and deserve the same respect. If every effort has been taken to portray history in this way feelings still may be hurt but should be handled in a mature manner. Not everyone obviously will agree. I guess i would have to view this particular situation in it’s entirety to give my accurate opinion.

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