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Watch “National Women’s History” on YouTube

ICYMI here is our podcast from this past Thursday. In celebration of Women’s History Month, all the Co-hosts of G.F.T. radio chose a woman or women who inspired us. We discussed women such as Michelle Obama, Sandra Day O’connor, Cathy Hughes, Misty Copeland, Angela Davis and more. Take a listen and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Watch “National Women’s History” on YouTube

  1. Great show as usual. I liked all the people you guys chose and learned some things i wasn’t aware of about them. Keep up the good work. I’m a little behind on your shows and playing catch up! But I’ll get there. I’m proud of you guys for becoming fine men and women and investing your time to educate others.

    Clinton, i have to say that you have been my inspiration and encouragement to never give up and always seek improvement in all areas of this precious gift of life God has given us. You are my gift from God..i salute you!

    I love you,

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