Blaze of Glory

At any moment I can relapse to no fucks given,

No remorse for the sinning,

No mercy just winning,

Ascension without shame,

Not for the fame just the name,

Just to be mis-quoted,

I’m telling you it’s a difference but you telling me I’m not focused,

Close to death sharing with you my last breaths,

Half a lung from sharing all this phlegm,

Gifted with this sickness and the world is trying to cure me,

Just let me die in my fury,

Allow me to prove there is no one here like me nor before me,

We all love the beauty in a sad story,

Are you against me or for me,

If you are then cheer for me as I go out in this blaze of glory,

This is my organized chaos,

So when that last organ play just know I took no days off,

So no tears when I pass just keep the cipher going,

let me inhale that loud when I’m floating up to the clouds,

The higher I get the smaller the crowds….



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