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intense focus my senses potent, like locust in motion, swarming concepts from my mind depths, my hearts the shallow end so beware if you allowed in, a place where a small crowd been, time made that small crowd thin, a crowd to a group, a group to just a few, in the mirror like “it’s just you”, born alone die alone, shiiiiit that’s just another lie that came along with ignorance, I want them to hold memorials in remembrance, hold my love up in reverence, lived a little devilish but I’m heaven sent, the benevolence of my words were created in the malevolence of my surroundings, even if jewels giving are discarded that doesn’t discredit that they are astounding, so when it’s my time to dearly depart, I hope the love is recognized to those dear to my heart, the love was sincere from the start, forgive the thorns from this rose in the dark

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