Don’t Blame the Youth

Akingstruth's Blog

Petty mindsets produce pathetic concepts

they say the youth is wrong but I believe the youth was left alone 

judgment from former crack addicts, drunks and drug dealers is what’s wrong

they forget their wrongs, they sing that song, “I wish it was like back in the day”,

well the back in the days when crack vials littered the sidewalks I rode my bike on I don’t want back

selective memories from you liars

now they shoot up parties when back in the day there were riots

the past generation created this destitute environment

yet they want us to trust their knowledge

they left kids to raise themselves then those kids had kids themselves

and they have no idea  what a good parent is

these reformed savages created these bastards yet you blame the youth

shame on you, if the youth is the blame than I stare my elders in the eyes…

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