Trapped In My Magic

Lost in my madness, pleasured by the greatness of my sadness, I love the emotion in my pains commotion… settle down young man.. the greatness you aspire..the love and hate of a sire…the weight that it require…brains on fire…this low can’t get any higher….the strength you gain as you tire…only the insane walk this wire….when the need to succeed becomes that dire…you go and create this magic….go make beauty of the tragic…leave your pain in them ashes…..them ashes from the inhaling and exhaling of my successes and failings…the ecstacy in my ailings…only understood by the wise…killing myself to prove I’m alive just so I can be remembered when I die…what a beautiful suicide…this personal crucifix from a man that was crucified….am i Jesus? No..but I was told I was made like a  deity from the deity’s eyes…should I not believe? Tell me, were these lies? Maaaan I broke my rib staring in eve’s eyes….A King, but where are his wives? His hands held together by these invisible ties….It’s tragic he’s trapped in his Magic..


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