Blood, Sweat, and Tears

A gangster’s blood, a hustler’s sweat, and a prostitute’s tears….death screams into the innocent child’s ears…a place where hate replaces a coward’s fears…jeers not cheers…how did we get here? is where the gangster’s blood spills for thrills..where the hustler sweats and learns to live life with regrets…where the prositute cry about the diamond between her thighs..these are the truths behind the lies…the lies that turn true…the best are a chosen few…but the chosen carry a burden too..this isn’t meant to be easy…where the rich become needy..welcome to the land of the lost where you must walk with the dead and pay every cost…learn to survive where the gangster’s bleed, where the hustler tire, and prostitute’s tears exposes the liar…


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