Master the basics…tie up those laces…show no mercy when you run your races..the competitor is in the mirror while everybody else remains faceless….success isn’t just there for you  to taste it…you gotta embrace it and let it invade your mind and whatever negative thoughts you have success will replace it…some will look at you like you’re the craziest…it is what it is…live how you live…put in that work and get what you give…A King’s Truth..well bring proof…do what kings do..time is now..who said peace and happiness came with the crown…I’m going the war in this madness…surrounded by those trapped in fear and in sadness…this place is the saddest….thousands of miracles who don’t appreciate how they were crafted….made in the image of God but feeling like bastards…thingevery si basackwards….mismatch words….nouns now verbs….you can clown but I’m the purge…you can run but you can’t escape my word..


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