A CAPITAL CITY LOVE STORY. That’s what Trenton, NJ’s own K. Ashanti has delivered with her debut book, “I WANNA BE WITH YOU”.  K. Ashanti’s pen has added to the urban fiction genre an original and sparkling ink slinger. She brings truth to urban fiction.

1. When did you start writing and what/who inspired you?

I started writing short stories and poem as a kid. So many people have inspired me from my high school english teacher Ms. Fabian to my favorite writer Langston Hughes

2. How does it feel to have the title of “Author”?

Honestly, it still feels like a dream. I’ve accomplished a life long goal.

3. Describe your writing style and what separates you from other writers?

I feel the genre of urban fiction has gotten a little unrealistic. I like to keep my stories raw and gritty. Every thing is based on a true story.

4. What is the plot of  your first book and can we expect a series?

The plot of my first book is basically people trying to find true love despite the unique obstacles that come with that in the “hood” such as prison, drugs, baby mama etc. Its definitely a series part 2 is almost done.

5. So what is the ultimate goal for K Ashanti?

My ultimate goal is to be on the NY Times Best seller list and to have my own publishing company.

6. Let the people know where they can buy your book and/or contact you for business.

My book is available  on Amazon in paperback or kindle form.


I can be contact via email at @kashanti1@gmail.com  or through my facebook  business page https://www.facebook.com/authorkashanti/

Coming soon


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