Soul Of Da Hood

Soul-the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.

Dwaine Clark aka Soul of da Hood, is bringing a fresh and soulful voice to the world. With a song like, ” Life Is So Uneasy”, his music is the essence and embodiment of the hood but his talent stretches further. He shows the greatness that the hood can produce. Get to know him. Mr. Clark it’s your turn!

1. What is your inspiration and who are your influences musically?

Well, I’m inspired by life and all it’s ups and downs, literally. I just feel like we should be living life to the fullest. I want to be a symbol of hope and encouragement  for my family, friends, especially the children.

My grandfather, Pastor Benjamin Cole, along with the likes of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Usher, R Kelly, and a host of gospel singers, especially the Clark sisters are my main influences‼

2. What distinguishes your music from all the rest?

The raspiness, soulfulness, and reality that I bring, distinguishes me from the others. I also come from a church background. No one is really speaking to the people that’s dealing with everyday life issues. I’m bringing that Marvin Gaye, “What’s Goin On,” feeling back.

3. “Life Is So Uneasy”, is one of my favorite songs. I actually think it’s a hit. Can you touch on how that song came about and how it has been received.

First of all, thanks! I appreciate that you like my new joint, “Life Is So Uneasy!” It was originated from me going thru beats, and hearing the, “Just My Imagination,” sample on the track. It left me unable to turn to the next beat. I wanted to speak life into someone’s situation as I listened to it. So, I immediately began to draw back on life’s experiences, mines and others, and the words just started flowing. The response thus far has been overwhelming. It’s really been a blessing. I’ve met numerous new people and have had people crying and telling me how they love it.

4. What can the people expect from you in the near future?

 I have a bunch of things, songs and artists coming soon. Lot of surprises‼ Along with my new record, “Power,” dropping in the next week or two. Also, my debut EP, “Soul of da Hood!” will drop later this year around winter.

5. Are you looking to get signed or go the independent route?

Well the ultimate goal is to sign with a major. But, for right now, I’ll be just grinding and building a buzz so when the labels do start calling, I’ll have some leverage‼

6. Let the public know how they can get in touch with you for business.

If you wanna work, just need some work, or wanna follow me, you can find me on
Facebook: Dwaine Clark
Instagram: Clark_SoulofdaHood84
SoundCloud: Young Clark

Thanks bro, Salute✔️💪🏾💯
Soul of da Hood

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