My Music

Searching for but I can’t find the music….So I create my own so I can relax and unwind to it….my breath creates a rhythm so my life can rhyme to it….my visions bring the blind to it…inhaled pain and my mind blew it…the search for truth has me confined to it…a continuous flow there’s no rewind to it…my song is infinite so don’t put a time to it…it’s my song so I don’t need you to co-sign to it….

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Thought of the Day

Each one, teach one. We all want to accomplish things and say, “I did it”. Nothing is wrong with that at all, but I also believe it’s our responsibility to share knowledge of success with those we surround ourselves with. Make sure you surround yourself with honorable people. We grow stronger as a community,  when more of us are equipped with tools to succeed. Let’s leave the, “crab in a barrel”, mentality in the past. 
“If everybody in your clique is rich, then your clique is rugged, nobody would fall ’cause everyone will be each others crutches”