You Should’ve Went Left

You should’ve went left instead you went right.. Now you have to deal with the mess that’s left eventhough you thought you were right… Called yourself holding it down while everybody else goes up… Now they’re looking down and refuse to pull you up..You gotta climb that ladder alone… hoping some of those tears comeContinue reading “You Should’ve Went Left”

Watch “Mind Your Business….Just Accept The Cheating!” on YouTube

🔥🔥🔥🔥 show! Many different opinions about this topic. Do you accept infidelity? Or is infidelity something that isn’t a big deal for you if you don’t no about it? We discussed how cheating has never been exclusively a man’s problem. Women cheat as well. Do you believe all men or women cheat? Lot’s of questionsContinue reading “Watch “Mind Your Business….Just Accept The Cheating!” on YouTube”