High off Her

No need to put you on a pedestal,

You were already on a higher level than what I was accustomed to,

Worthy of putting all my trust into,

Lusting over your intelligence turned into loving you,

Dreams started to fade until you came true,

A  smile that gave peace to a man at war with himself,

To a destitute mind you brung wealth,

My love was in dire straits…The mirror showed mired traits…each day inching to a lonely fate until one day we were face to face…In a harsh world you are my saving grace…You are peace laced with ecstasy…A natural high…Living proof that a man can find truth when his past was a lie…So glad you arrived at this moment in time and may we have more moments and more moments and allow ecstasy to rewind…let’s leave a love that the world will cherish…let’s rise above all those whose love has perished and be an example of how to make love a fetish…Peace Queen!

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