Watch “Dr Umar Johnson VS Roland Martin” on YouTube

It’s sad to watch a black woman sit up there and go against a black man supporting black men staying with black women!!! We are beyond damaged as a people. Hurt my heart to watch this.

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15 thoughts on “Watch “Dr Umar Johnson VS Roland Martin” on YouTube

  1. Umar has said things about black women. He doesn’t respect them. When is this school going to be opened? What’s happened to the $700k that he has already collected? His hate rhetoric and his inability to articulate a clear and concise thought wouldn’t make anyone want to send their child to his school. Does he have some valid points? Yes. Can he articulate them? Nope. Is he shady? Yep.


    1. So you agree with the woman on this panel. He never disrespected a woman in this interview. Im confused. I don’t agree with all that he represents but right here he articulated himself very well. “The greatest commitment to black people is being committed to thr black woman”.

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      1. Sorry for the delay in responding. I had so many comments and couldn’t find it. He has a history of being disrespectful to black women that don’t agree with him. Does he make some valid points? Sometimes. But, what is that saying that a broken clock is always right a couple of times a day? His comments on Serena Williams marriage was just weird and out of line. What do you care? People can marry who the hell they want. Does he even have his doctorate?

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    2. He isn’t preaching hate! He isn’t preaching at all. Being pro black isn’t hate. He never said hate white people. I don’t agree with all his topic points and I have listened to him for a while, but he doesn’t spew hate.

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      1. There’s nothing wrong with being pro-black. I never said pro-black is hate. Why was he going off on the black woman? Can you not articulate your argument without feeling like you have to disrespect people? He called another panelist a coon. Who the hell says that? He lost me at that point. Why did Roland have to tell him that you don’t use racial epithets against black people on his show? He kept going in on the black woman on the show accusing her of constantly defending white people.

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      2. She was trying to understand how you can say just because you marry someone white doesn’t mean that you’re really down for the cause. The thing is that real men don’t forget their black. No matter how many degrees or white women you have a real black man can’t forget that he’s black. Maybe her dad married a white woman. I don’t know. But, Amiri Baraka aka Leroi Jones spewed so much anger and dang near hate in his poetry and married a white woman and had bi-racial children. He had a lot of followers.

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      3. I understand her point. I just don’t agree with it. At the end of the day he was promoting black family and black love. The major issue in black communities is that there isn’t one anymore because the destruction of the black family. There are always complaints about the ills of black men but when a black man is calling out black men for not supporting or loving the black women he his demonized by a black woman. To me that’s sad. That tells me how damaged we really are. I can see why he was mad at her especially. Like damn “im here in your favor but you’re but you’re treating me like the enemy”. We are the only race who doesn’t stick together. Every other race has the same issues we have except they still stick together more than we do. I also understand not all of us think the same so at some point a line has to be drawn. Either you with us or against us and in my estimation that woman is ok with the status quo. I did agree with her when she said he cant speak for all black people. She was 100% correct. We’re not all on the same side , and honestly im fine with that.

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      4. Agreed on the destruction of the black family. But, this starts from child hood. Our boys aren’t shown value in being good kids and experiencing opportunities that will enlighten them. We don’t give them good, strong black men as role models. There are a number of variables that contribute to that, which is probably too deep on this thread, but calling out black men who marry outside of their race instead of calling for men to be of good character and have responsibility is counterproductive. I’ve met a number of successful black men who’ve married black women and a few that didn’t. It didn’t mean that they didn’t date black women, they fell in love with someone who wasn’t black. It happens. What he’s referring to is those brothers that secretly hate the color of their skin. That is different. He needs to talk to those brothers that are not working, have no goals and want to offer black women a lazy penis in an attempt to be with black women. That’s crap. Make them be accountable for each other. Their brother’s keepers. It’s the way he is presenting his argument. If you can’t present an argument in a way that it is received, then how can someone expect to see value in what you’re saying. Quick tempered people get no where. I agree that our race has a lot of issues. We all need each other, but I don’t want no broke ass Tyrone. Any woman can have that.


      5. Sometimes the message isn’t for everybody. I love how he delivered the message as well as many others have as well. Some may not like it but hey that’s life. When you listen to most of his lectures he does address those type men and those type women. Because no man want’s a broken self hating woman as well. Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of good BLACK MEN out here. The problem is the focus is always on the negative

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      6. I’m not saying there are not a lot of good black men out there. I know some good black ones, but we as a black community have a lot of men offering BS instead of values. If you had 10 good friends. How many are married? How many are in relationships? How many of them would you recommend your sister date? The number dwindles. I’m by no means saying there are no good black men out there. I dated before getting in a relationship and saw the drama that was presented before me. Men had changed. Women had allowed them to give you less than you deserved so the game was ridiculous and confusing as hell.

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      7. 3 of my closest friends are married another one is engaged and two others are in healthy relationships. Im the one that’s single ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ yet im not bitter towards black women. For everything you just said about black men I can say about black women. Also every other race can say the same thing. White women felt oppressed by their male counterparts. Black men arent oppressing black women. That has never happened. The disconnect is we don’t stick together. That goes for US as a community. We quick to generalize ourselves. ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ did i just do the same thing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. Yes he explained that all in this video. As far as serena goes, she made a point to take a shot a black men herself. At the end of the day whether you like him or not what he said was factual. You can not be committed to the elevation of black people if you are not committed to the black family..


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