Behind Those Eyes

Left Eye- 1986

Something about that sound touched my pain…just like when those shots ripped through my grandfather’s frame…learned as a toddler that life wasn’t a game…another black man slain…another black families pain…so many tears that couldn’t be washed away by the rain…the sun can’t bring brightness to the darkness in my brain…..14 yrs and some change later it was deja vu again…as I held my baby brother I feared his mother was going through the same anguish as my mother…those fears held true…more tears fell too…situations that can break you are usually the situations that will make you…certain shit you just can’t shake loose…the more you struggle the tighter the noose…heads held high…won’t succumb to living like victims, shit we rather die…instead of sinking we decide to rise…but beware you have no idea the type of pain that’s hidden behind those eyes…. 

Right Eye-2001

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  1. Reblogged this on Akingstruth's Blog and commented:

    Favorite post of September 2017. This poem is really about the murder of my Grandfather Louis Glenn and the murder of Mr. Frank Hickmond(my father’s father in law), on how they both were murdered and the pain behind my mother’s and step-mother’s eyes.


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