Bread Crumbs

I leave these bread crumbs so when life succumbs to the world there will be a better way for my babygirl…It may be the road less desired but hopefully inspired….strength is required…whatever you learn now, later on you’re going to have to rewire it…the truth is never what you think it is…..the truth just is, and once you understand that you will realize ignorance never is bliss…experience will teach you this…keep your peace within because once you are without it, it will be hard to get it back again..remember they will always remember the fall but never when you get back up again…fall nine, get up ten..a loss is a win when a lesson is learned…a blessing can burn…healing can hurt…some will do right for wrong and wrong for right thats just how life work…they will tell you what it should be but it is what it is and you have to make it what it will be…whatever you want it to be it will be if you will it to be…live great willfully…make sure they take you serious and never as superficial.. you’re only as official as the last time you kept it official..

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