Young Queen

Lift your head up Young Queen,

For so many years you were forced to live amongst the unseen….they told you you were not worthy and that you were not clean…you were told that the darkness of your skin was a curse…I know it hurts but I need you to not listen to the negativity..If you were never told to be beautiful and bold, then listen to me NOW!! Smile Queen and adjust your crown! Heavy that is the head but you’re much stronger than they ever said.

Lift your head up Young Queen. You are valued. We love you. We need you to love you so the world can be right again. We need you to nurture us. Peace is your essence. So lift your head up and adjust your crown. 

Peace Queen.


Mind Trick


“To the bitter end!!!”

“Die with the sweet taste of freedom!!!”

“I rather my bloodline end than to live as a slave!!!”

“I will go to war for my peace!!!”

Quiet your mind young man. The war that is raging inside of you is effecting your sanity. Everything and everyone are not what they claim to be. YOU look at I in the mirror and YOU are ashamed of me. You have become a slave to your low-desires.





Where is your self-control? You continuously press the self-destruction button. What about the self construction button? You can’t love yourself and the world at the same time. The two perceptions can not come from the same mind. Your world is your reflection. You can not serve two masters. 

Peace, find it. Stop walking around double-minded!!!