Watch “AZ – Pieces of a ( Black ) Man” on YouTube

Yo when times get trifle 
I’m subjected to street survival 
See many never complete they cycle, other retreat to bibles 
Livin’ holy, but currency seem to control me 
Movin’ coldly, in the presence of old parolies 
My mind mold me, keep me in mack mode like Goldie 
Police know me, but ain’t got enough to hold me (yeah) 
I follow rules, through the knowledge, swallow jewels 
A form of teachin’, from the streets never taught in school (uh huh) 
You caught you lose, a wise man utilize tools 
Solitude certifies all moves 
So I walk this path of the old dread, that lead me off the Ave. (Yeah) 
Absorbin’ fast, learnin’ from niggas I lost in the past (Yo) 
It’s poison plays in these foul days 
Housin’ cops & they foul ways, and walkin’ through a wild maze 
Holdin’ my brain, tryin’ to maintain 
Sleet, snow, or rain, I guees the game’ll never change

Pieces of a black man 
My thoughts travel, trapped on savage land it’s like taboo (taboo) 
Stuck in time, so many young boys bustin’ nines (Yeah) 
Some servin’ state bids, ’cause they hustle blind

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