Queens Raising Princes

Lately I have been involved in quite a few discussions about single mothers raising sons. When I speak of single mothers, I am referring to mothers who have no help from fathers. I am not speaking about mothers who are co-parenting.

 I am father raising a daughter, and I know as a man there are some things only her mother or other positive female role models can show her. This same rule applies to young boys as well. There are certain things about men that only another male would understand.

With all that being said, I am not saying a woman can not raise a young man to be positive, strong, intelligent, and respectful man. I know because I have a mother, but it was certain situations and life lessons that I endured that only my father understood properly. Being a man is much more than being a provider and being respectful to woman. We have feelings as well. We have self-doubt. We fail at things as well. Men are not robots. We play a major role in raising are kids as well.

A positive male role model in a young mans life will do wonders. I take nothing away from the Queens who have been abandoned by some loser to raise their child alone. All I ask for you Queens to understand is what WE NEED. I say we because I was that young boy and I AM that grown man. Allow your son to realize that good man are not just out here but that we are out here thriving as well. I know I will get some negative feedback but it’s cool. We all have to do better.


  1. No negative feedback. It’s true. That’s why I’m happy that my boyfriend and I will marry. He raised his son on his own and his stats are better than most. He’s the kind of man that will be a good role model for my son.

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