I introduce to you LORD QUAN!! Coming out of the capital city Trenton, NJ, this talented artist is dropping his new project D.O.A.P. 2. Lyricism, charisma, and style, he has the makings of a star. I did a quick Q&A with the wordsmith so we can get some more insight on him and his music. So let’s see what this artist has to say.

1. Before we get into your new project let’s learn a little bit about you. Tell the public who has been some of your biggest musical influences. 

My music is influenced a lot by Fab and Jay Z mostly but I feel like it’s a little bit of Currency sprinkled in there.

2. What do you bring new to the culture? How do you plan on inspiring others?

I feel like I’m versatile, some songs I’m spittin straight bars cause that’s what I grew up on them hard sixteens but at tha same time I got some fun tracks that people can dance to and I got tracks for tha trap niggas.

3. “Diary of a Poet 2”, how many tracks are on this project?  And do you have any tracks that you would consider your favorites?

D.O.A.P. 2 is the 3rd project I ever released, it has 7 tracks. It’s a bunch of different vibes on the project and artists. I got my boy Bootz Montana, my boy Tarantino, and my boy Top all from the Town. As far as my favorite track I like number 7 cause I made the beat, it’s called “In The Trap” but really my favorite track is number 3 Gucci Bag featuring Bootz Montana cause it’s probably the most turnt track in my opinion.

4. Did you have a particular sound that you were trying to create? Or did each track just happed organically?

I basically just go off the vibe of the beat and try to create my own sound I feel like I don’t really sound to much like anybody.

5. What is the end game for this project? Is this just a set up for something bigger or do you intend to push this project to the max?

This project is basically just me releasing music that I’ve been workin on cause I’m always workin so after this I’ll probably do a couple of videos then move on to the next project.

6. Let the people know where they can find your music. Tell them how they can get in contact with you for future business endeavors.

You can find my videos on my YouTube page LordQuanTv and you can find my music on SoundCloud just search Lord Quan follow my instagram @lordxquan I usually post on there when I’m about to drop new music and you can email me at tymoneybags00@gmail.comfor features or to send me beats.

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