The realest place on Earth

Well this is my favorite post from January 2017. To me this set the tone for my entire year. When I needed love and/or help, I realized the first place I needed to look was in the mirror. This was something I already knew but didnt practice on a daily. I looked for help in other places such as , weed, liquor, music, sports, family, and friends. The whole time the only person I should have looked to was myself. Favorite post of January 2017

Akingstruth's Blog

​That MIRROR is the realest place on earth!!!! You can’t hide from yourself. You can blame all the people you want for your problems, but when you look in that mirror the truth is always there. If you always blame the people you dealt with for your issues then I’m talking to you. Every failed relationship is somebody else’s fault, I’m talking to you. You know the truth. The problem isn’t everybody else. The problem is the person in the mirror. Realest place on earth.

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