Inside The Barrel

Favorite post from December 2017.

Akingstruth's Blog

When I try to spread my wings the closest ones to me clip them…they tell me to deal with it and stop acting like a victim…stuck in this crab in a barrel system…I’m just not comfortable here..I’m becoming someone I fear…I fear no one…it has gotten to me that I am becoming no one…surrounded by nobodies and nobody is coming to save us…we love to hate us…we allow those who despise us to grade us…searching for approval from the ones who degrade us…trying to make proud the ones who shame us…how sick are we? How can we move forward without learning from our history? His story isn’t mine…His story corrupted my mind…This story has become a sad one..Father I became a bad son…death before dishonor so dad here I come.

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