Are You Prepared

We tend to walk around oblivious to our own mortality. Somehow we tend to forget things can go downhill swiftly. Sudden illness, disabling accident, layoff from work, death of a significant other, car breakdowns, and plenty of other unforeseen occurrences that can leave you up shit’s creek. Are you prepared? Do you have money savedContinue reading “Are You Prepared”

Definition of mortality

mor·tal·i·ty | \ mȯr-ˈta-lə-tē \ 1: the quality or state of being mortalHer husband’s death reminded her of her own mortality. 2: the death of large numbers (as of people or animals)trying to reduce infant mortality 3archaic : DEATH 4: the human racethat natural extinction to which all mortality is subject— Thomas Paine 5a: theContinue reading “Definition of mortality”