Raul Cortes Jr. “POLO”

Today we highlight MY favorite poet!!

Raul Cortes Jr. He is from my hometown of Trenton, NJ. Below is a wonderful poem he has submitted to Akingstruth.com and a brief but great description of who he is! I present to you Trenton, New Jersey’s own poet laureate, also known as “POLO”!


Females & Women’ © Raul Cortes Jr.

Females are in love with money.

But women don’t love no dummy.

Females will invite you over after 2 days.

But women establish a line of communication, the foundation must 1st be laid.

Females want truth & give lies.

Women present proof as to what’s exactly on their mind.

Females don’t aspire to live, like who they want be with.

Women know which eye they need to see with.

Females would rather be insecure & unsure.

But women reject the goal of lure.

Females don’t want to be played with the game that they are playing.

But women help you solve the rubics-cube & how they made it.

Females are fast for a disastrous man.

But women have consistent-progress as the master-plan.

Females are only flirtatious & talk in third-person.

But women make evidence certain.

Females like going to clubs so they can lose it.

But women have the club in their mind & a heart full of music.

Females are animalistic & dress to expose their flesh.

But women don’t attract dogs, imagination must do the rest.

Females complain, self-praise & run mouth.

Women sustain, shed tears traveling one route.

Females don’t believe in love, though they search it.

Women indeed love & will draw the right person.

Females put too much emphasis on presenting an external gem.

But women don’t suffer from being soulish within.

Females claim understanding of relationships, even though their unsuccessful.

But even when women experience failure, they learn from mistakes & are not regretful.

Females are babysitters not mothers.

But women raise their children & if possible, with the significant other.

Females feed off of sexual-abuse & experimentation.

But women are in touch with health, logic & reality, without desperate-needs of sensation.

The boat is knowledge & the spared-details are swimming.

This my dear friends, some differences between females & women.


WHO IS POLO? Well below Polo gives us some insight on who he is and where you can see him perform.

In 2016, I wrote a recommendation letter for a rider university student (Christopher Reubel) to get accepted into graduates school, pursuing a counseling career. Right now, he’s a counselor at Hopewell Valley Highschool.
In 2017, I won Employee Of The Month (Photo Of Trophy In Attachment) for November at Cracker Barrel (Hamilton Market Place). In that year, I’ve managed to work as a dishwasher, table busser, backup cook, grill cook, shipment organizer & trash collector.
In January 2018, I was able to share the stage with government-appointed, poet laureate Tracy K. Smith, along with other great local & out-of-town acts.
Also in 2018, a documentary was filmed by current MCCC student from Ukraine, Maksym Voitovych, about my life as “Trenton Poet Laureate”. Maksym not only got top grade for his class-project documentary, he also submitted it into the Princeton Film Festival & was selected among a handful of documentaries, to be featured out of 200 submissions.
In January 2019, the same poem recited during Tracy K. Smith’s guest appearance at the Trenton Public Library January 2018, (& inspired by the ‘Winston Dramatic Show’ interview with Wise Intelligent 2017), became a video illustration of how systematic racism affects the city of Trenton.
All of these feats were accomplished while enduring many trials & tribulations, including living like a hermit, barely making ends meet & paying rent, & working through hostile working conditions as an inherent empath.
You can find Polo performing at the weekly openmic hosted by DJ Dramatic at the Grown Vegan Apothecary openmic on 25 bridge st, Morrisville PA, just across the ‘Trenton Makes. . .Bridge’.
Big shout out to “A King’s Truth” blog for always showcasing the city & representing to fullest. 💯
Instagram: @raulcortesjunior

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