I go by Rew @k@ R E @k@ R EDUBB
No Label but 4 name sake/🕖vrT⏳me Recordz..The Brand Name iz Onli Oham Matterz..I’m from East Trenton..I came up doin muzik wit Get Right Entertainment..We still Pham tho with experience under the belt we all branched off & made our mark 1ne way or another in this rap game..The goal now iz simple, Finish what I started & 2 still be standing when it all comes 2 past.

Today Akingstruth.com brings to you one of the best and truest hip hop artists out of Trenton, Nj, REW aka R.E. Dubb!!! With a smooth delivery and thought provoking content Rew is releasing his new project “Town 2 Small, Dreams 2 Big”. Below is a very insightful Q&A I had with the good brother.

1. Town 2 Small Dreams 2 Big is the title of your new project. Explain the concept behind it.
Ra-Lee(producer on the project) gave me that title. The title I had was American Dream Slash Nitemare..He already had the title & when he told me I changed it asap..I already had the song done Titled “American Dream Slash Nitemare”..It all worked out perfect..The Dream iz what connects the concept, This American Dream iz really just a Nitemare & a small town could be a Nitemare too, & “your” Dreamz iz your onli ticket out of both, not their dreamz, those will trap u

2. How would you describe your sound?
Good Question, Laid back..I’m more about the delivery, barz & painting a picture..I would say my sound iz more 90’s era of hip hop..my ability 2 adapt & combine my era with the new will define my mainstream success, but I’m underground tho, analog, all day

3. What is your favorite song off this new project and why?

“American Dream Slash Nitemare”
Thatz what started this Album..thatz the 1st song I penned down..Content & Substance iz a key ingredient in creating a Album..I kinda seen the video as I was writing it..Nevermind the fact that it iz so relevant in 2dayz time..That song iz my favorite on the Album

4. What do you want listeners to take away from your new project?
The Jewels, Learn Something..hip hop I came up on was droppin endless jewels..2 this very day I can pop in 1ne of my classical cassette tapes & learn somethin..yup..& that ima vet & I done been there & done that..said no 2 thingz thatz hyping everyone up..rap iz competition so yea ima talk my s*** but thatz a givin..Learn Something

5. What rappers inspired you to start rapping? What rappers inspire you today?
Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS One, Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Big L, CL Smoove, EPMD Treach, Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, Nas, Biggie, Jay Z..Plus a few other Legends & as far as 2day, uhmmmm, inspire iz a big word when it come 2 2dayz rappers, good question tho..J Cole, Kendrick, YG, Nipsey Hussle, Migos, Drake, Meek, Troy Ave, Vado & a few others, a few

6. What do you want your legacy to be? Do you want your music tied to your legacy?
So, my legacy outside of muzik has yet 2 unfold..my legacy in muzik I would like 2 be…….2 have a legacy, meaning 2 make timeless muzik..the Legends are those who muzik stand the test of time..I’m closer 2 that day now then when I started out so we’ll c neph, we shall c..thx 4 the sit down & much success 2 your show akingstruth..Onli Pham Matterz

Youtube:Onli Pham Matterz TiVi
www.facebook.com/Rew Ordo Seclorum


I would like to thank Rew for the interview. Directly above are his links to his social media sites. Be sure to go hit those up and support a positive brother with good quality music.

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