Do You Know

Imaginary outcomes affecting your rationale….Certain battles you have to concede defeat, it doesn’t mean you’re backing down…this is the art of peace..continuous war is for the weak…who are you, what do you seek…are you swimming in the shallow or in the deep…the thousands of stories in between those times you smile and the times you weep…the times you were proud and the times you were a creep….happier when it’s time to be quiet or happier when it’s time to speak…what do you speak of, who do you speak to….is it a treat for them or a treat for you…is it a treat for both….was there any growth….is it time to stop or is it time to go…peace orbits my mind, body, and soul…you can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste my glow…it all makes sense to those who are wise enough to know.

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