Wanted to give the people a taste of the upcoming book. Let me know what you think.


“…….I’m glad you good because We have a business to run H…our thoughts can’t be misplaced…we gotta be sharp in this room full of sharks…”…Hayward replied, just make sure the money add up, make sure security secure the bags up…we catch anybody cheating we piling toe tags up…we’ll let a few win but to the rest bad luck…make sure the girls keep the drinks flowing and skin showing…Naz said I’m on it H, I been knowing…one more thing H, this nigga Creech downstairs asking for more credit but he been owing…Damian said he seen him in the mall the other day spending stacks, so that mean he been holding, he acting as if he doesn’t have to pay to play…H we should have been owned him….You right Naz but I have him doing a favor for me, some personal hard labor for me…so don’t worry, let him have the credit and I’ll cover the cost…if the thread get too long I know when to cut him off…Naz was upset and confused…How well did H really know this dude? Why does he have him doing favors? Naz never trusted Creech…he considered him a leech…he knew Creech thought he was sweet…Naz wanted him six feet deep…he made up his mind he was going to rock Creech to sleep…His thoughts was interrupted by H saying to him, “keep the peace, I know you Naz, please leave him be. Do it for me.” Naz replied, “I got you boss.” The whole time he had his fingers crossed.



H had a lot on his mind so he told Naz he was about to go for a walk to clear it…H still knows he needs to keep up appearances amidst his cognitive dissonance, he can’t forget what his mission is, income, assets, interests and dividends but there’s division within his vision from confliction, so his next decisions must be made with precision, it’s the difference between losing or winning, life or death, with each step he looks right left but what stands in front of him is his weakness, tits and petiteness, he knew he should keep walking but his freakness could already taste her sweetness, his nature needed this, so he caved to its neediness of feeding it through cunnilingus and the art of karma sutra, as he approached her she smiled bright ready to darken his future…She looks familiar, he felt like he knew her….”Excuse me miss, what’s your name? This is may sound strange but I feel like we met before, please believe this isn’t game……..” excerpt from “Hayward’s Revenge”


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