Tune in to G.F.T. Radio 11/2/2020

GFT Radio presents “Are We Too Stupid To Vote” 🚨 MONDAY at 10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨 #JoinTheConversation on chat, or even request to join in! Watch LIVE as we discuss voting protests, complaints and how democracy is failing us!? And find out, is voting making us stupid, or are we justContinue reading “Tune in to G.F.T. Radio 11/2/2020”


Nurturing isn’t natural to me…..It’s something I have had to learn to be…Softer and gentler, but still not soft and gentle….Trying to be a good father and not scar her mental….She will learn I can’t always protect her and she will have some scar tissue….The plan isn’t to to endure but thrive….Live and be alive,Continue reading “Indomitable”


Sometimes silence is preferred….Do not disturb…..Sticking to my word or words….They say I got some nerve or nerves….It’s a time and place for the herd or herds….Self-esteem never shaken by the curve or curves….I’ll straighten it out….When my back against the wall is when I show you what I’m about…What I’m made of….When I hadContinue reading “Preferred”