Today Was A Good Day

Mr. Oshea Jackson Sr., Aka Ice Cube, is receiving a lot of backlash from some within the “black community” for meeting with the Trump administration about his, “Contract With Black America” initiative.

So many people from within the black community who haven’t done anything for our progress have so much to say. This is the problem I have with our community. We’re so quick to bash are own because they don’t think like or act like the masses.

Some of you say he sold his soul or is being used as a pawn. What most of you don’t realize is, you are the pawns. You choose to “stay in your place”. You choose to vote for and follow who others tell you to follow.

I’m with Ice Cube on this. I’m with anyone who wants to put a Black Agenda on the table. He isn’t a sellout. He just putting that work in. Is he perfect no, but are you. NO!

By the way have anyone who has labeled him a sellout read his contract?


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