G.F.T. Mondays Tune in

@GFT_Radio Network presents “Is Your Relationship Doomed By Your Unrealistic Standards” 🚨 TONIGHT @10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨

JoinTheConversation LIVE as we discuss how lofty aspirations for our mate, may be setting them up for failure! Do you expect more from those you date, than you require of yourself? And are you not breaking up for superficial reasons? You don’t want to miss this one! All links in IG bio!

We’re on YouTube Live at: https://youtu.be/rHphcEdC50Y
On Facebook at: https://fb.com/gftradionetwork/posts/175004071397061
Or Twitch at: https://twitch.tv/GFTradio

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